POV: You are starting your next working day, convincing yourself that you are ‘all in this together’

As no longer working from an office has proved, home workers are putting in more hours than ever. According to research, the UK’s work from home force is putting in almost 25% extra work a week — I read it in the guardian, say no more.

Working hard is no bad thing. It is clearly crucial for success, personal and otherwise. Working in a team is also important. Building together is important. …

Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. Ping. PINGGGGG.

Thank you, Mind. It was in my early-twenties that it was discovered that I had ADHD (late diagnosis is relatively commonplace amongst women, whose symptoms tend to present themselves differently, I wasn’t squeezing ketchup on my head and shouting on dinner tables — thank you R for the memory in Year 1).

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